Welcome to Screen Savour. This is a blog devoted to one thing, the unending search for cool food. Too often are we complacent concerning what we chuck down our gullets; microwave dinners and cardboard oven pizza’s have become staples of the average twenty-something’s dinner table. We spend so much of our time eating to just passively swallow a bunch of flavourless garbage.

Food is more than just stored energy, more than part of a routine, food is a part of our cultural make-up. Food is a pleasure that can be both intimate and casual, to be enjoyed alone or in the company of friends and loved ones. Something so central to what it means to be human should never be forced to the sidelines, rather it should be embraced as something to savour. The more we do this, the better we will feel.

With this in mind, Screen Savour will bravely venture out into the culinary landscape, scavenging for precious information on how to make your experience with food just a little bit better. So draw your forks and knives and we will march forward to infinite epicurean glory.

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