Stacked Cucumber Tofu Salad

Practice drizzle, fo-shizzle.

Practice drizzle, fo-shizzle.


-1 small block of extra firm tofu(I only needed half)

-Balsamic glaze(make sure not to just use the vinegar or you’ll end up with a plate of soupy catastrophe)

-1 tiny cucumber

-Sea salt

-Sesame seeds

-Baby spinach


This salad makes a great snack and is stupidly easy to prepare. It looks way too impressive for the amount of time needed to whip it up. I think in total it must have taken me no more than 5 minutes(and I was being extremely sloth-like).

It’s so simple it hurts me to even write instructions. Which is why I will say this. Cut the ingredients, stack them, drizzle some of that sticky black fanciness on top and sit the #@&! down.

stacked salad

Word to the perfectionists- wipe the moisture off the cucumber so that the balsamic beads nicely.

Looks real purdy.

I have a nasty cold, so I figured since I wouldn’t really taste and enjoy my creation that I might as well share with my golden friend.

Three seconds. Maybe four.

Three seconds. Maybe four.